Operating A Successful Laundry Service That Caters To Local Businesses


Nearby businesses are some of the most reliable clients for a professional laundry service. Local clients tend to be more loyal when dealing with many other local companies in a business-to-business relationship. They are also normally located within a certain geographical area so that pick-ups together with drop-offs are easier to manage. Following a few guidelines will help to make running a professional laundry service that suits local businesses easier and more profitable.

Prepare For The Unexpected

A business should be prepared for the unexpected. The largest probable problems involve the washers and dryers that are being used. A broken machine could cause a slowdown with work that will make some deliveries late. This affects the reliability of the service. Clients could end up uncertain if delays occur on a regular basis because of broken equipment. It is best to keep a number of commercial washer parts inside facility so that any problems can be repaired quickly. Maintaining an inventory of commercial washer parts will help even though a professional repairperson must be called since the components needed for a fast repair will be immediately available.

Advertise Wherever Possible

A specialized laundry service should always be looking for new clients. One way to make other local businesses aware of the company is to promote your business in visible areas as much as possible. This means placing the company name and logo on the shirts that employees are generally wearing. It also means using laundry bags for drop-off that have the same logo on the side. This type of subtle promotion will make other businesses or offices in the neighborhood familiar with the name of the company.

Schedule Logically

Several pick-ups and drop-offs should be scheduled in a logical fashion. Drivers should be able to take a single route that goes by every client location without requiring the truck to double back and traverse the same roadways multiple times. This will save fuel and often will shorten the amount of time that is required for pick-ups and sheduled delivery.

Maintain Inventory

A professional laundry service requires a variety of elements in order to operate each day. The business should keep excess essential supplies on the premises so that washing and drying can continue throughout the day without any interruptions. These materials should include detergents and laundry bags. The inventory levels should be checked every week and replacement supplies invested in as needed. Any extra commercial washer parts that have been used to repair a machine should be reordered right away. Maintaining a back-up inventory of supplies will help to keep the business running smoothly.